The Susitna River Coalition includes a growing community of more than 21,000 individuals, groups, and businesses from around Alaska and the nation who support a free-flowing Susitna River and the healthy communities it sustains. Our immediate work is to stop the proposed Susitna mega dam through collaboration, education, advocacy and awareness of the values of an intact Susitna watershed. Our long-term work is to establish permanent protection for the river.

Based in Talkeetna, a community central to the Susitna ecosystem, SRC includes a core group of volunteers that work in key teams and on the Board of Directors. In addition, dozens of active volunteers from around the region and several contractors help carry out our mission to stop the dam and protect the river. SRC has no full-time staff, opting instead to function as an efficient and streamlined organization, funneling resources directly into the campaign.

Board Chair: Mike Wood – [email protected]

Board Member: Ellen Wolf – [email protected]

Board Member: Becky Long – [email protected]

Board Member: Whitney Wolff – [email protected]

Board Member: Heather Leba – [email protected]

SRC Director: Melissa Heuer – [email protected]

Contact us:

Phone: (907) 733-5400
E-mail: [email protected]

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