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SRC is guided by a volunteer board of directors who bring their passion for SRC’s mission as well as their skills, knowledge, and experience to a leadership role with the organization. Board members of SRC have fiduciary and legal responsibilities for the organization and its conduct. Board members shall be active members of SRC.

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  • Provide organizational governance: The board is responsible for strategic planning and ensuring that the organization stays true to its mission, vision, and guiding principles. The board ensures proper functioning of board processes and good organizational
  • Contribute to the financial health: Board members shall contribute to SRC’s fundraising success as appropriate to the individual including making an annual personal membership contribution or in-kind donation to SRC and assist with community fundraisers and membership
  • Serve as an ambassador/spokesperson: The board shall be spokespeople in the community to promote SRC’s mission, vision, and
  • Ensure fiscal and legal responsibility: The board maintains oversight for the legal and fiscal activities of the organization. This includes maintaining adequate knowledge of the organization’s financial position, ensuring proper financial controls are implemented, approving an annual budget, and ensuring a robust fund development plan for the organization is in
  • Support the Executive Director: The board shall be responsible for ensuring that the executive director is well supported with the resources s/he needs to maintain a healthy and sustainable organization. In addition, the board hires and evaluates the executive
  • Contribute to a strong board of directors: Assist in the ongoing process of ensuring a healthy mix of skill, experience, and passion on the SRC board by ensuring a robust nominations process is in place and cultivating new leadership and talent on the


  • Attend 10 (of 12) full monthly board meetings per year and the SRC annual meeting held in the fall.
  • Participate actively in one or more committees of the
  • Board members are expected to maintain communication and be responsive to requests regarding pertinent board


SRC expects board members to abide by the following ethical and behavioral standards:

  • When dealing with organizational matters, board members must place their loyalty to SRC and the good of the organization above personal interests and viewpoints. Conflicts of interests must be
  • Board members must be faithful to the organization’s mission and should act in ways that are consistent with the
  • Board members must exercise respect for staff and fellow board members in their actions and communications and be committed to working in a collaborative, team


Board members of SRC have fiduciary and legal responsibilities for the organization and its conduct. Board members shall be active members of SRC.

If you have additional questions, please email [email protected] or call (907) 733-5400.

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